Williams/Broad Roundabout

The City has received a Commitment to Fund $4,088,399 for converting the intersection of Broad and Williams Street from signalization to a roundabout. The funds are committed through the State’s LOTCIP program and administered through the Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments.

The LOTCIP program pays 100 percent of construction and attendent field inspection costs for the project. The City funds design costs. The City is currently at the 60 percent design stage on the project.
Benefits of the project include smoother traffic flow and increased vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle safety, as well as a major improvement in the aesthetics of the intersection, which serves as a integral hub for schools, Williams Park, Senior Center, Ledge Light Health District, and nearby historic neighborhoods and businesses.

This conversion also serves as a historic return to how the intersection appeared in the mid-20th century.